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Our Indian food in the Pays de Gex

Meats and fishs cleverly marinated, then grilled or simmered, rice and bread tasty, Indo-Pakistani cuisine of the North comes in a thousand flavors. The aim of the Jardins de Malyar is to highlight the specialities of South, much more oriented towards vegetarian cuisine. The latter gives pride of place to vegetables prepared with a multitude of sauces to arrive at unpublished tastes raised spices. Rice and lentils are worked to infinity....

The card of the Jardins de Malyar  is evolutionary and constantly changing; in the spring we offer new salads, from the creativity of our cooks. Now we propose for every lunch from monday till friday included A PLATE OF THE DAY for 11,00 €, which propose a dish always different (unpublished at the card) with accompaniment and bread. Unusual vegetarian dishes en Europe are gradually being offered to our customers and added to the menu according to their appreciations.

Special feature of our vegetarian offer: we produce our organic with vegetables and condiments of our vegetable gardens in spring and summer. In addition to the classic tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beets, squash abd herbs, are also grown products in Europe, such as loki or krela, for example.

Come to discover (or to complete your knowledge) this refined art very old that is the Indo-Pakistani cuisine!

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